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How to Receive Google Adsense Earnings via Western Union

How to Receive Google Adsense Earnings via Western Union

Receiving Google Adsense earnings via Western Union was so easy if you know the steps on how to do it. Because in my part it become difficult due to many wrong information that I found, when I search on How can I receive my Adsense Payment through Western Union. So I decided to write this article to help bloggers out there that are struggling about receiving their money from Adsene.

I'm from the Philippines so my experience on how to receive earnings from Adsense through Western Union (WU) may not be the same in other country. I want to inform you that this tutorial will be base on my experienced. I'm hoping that receiving money from Western Union is the same in every country.

Adsense Account Requirements
This tutorial is for those who already verified their Adsense account and reached the $100 payment threshold. If that two requirements is not meet, please read this 3 articles in order to understand what I'm trying to say here.
Add Western Union as Adsense Payment Method 

The Struggle and Confusing Part
I already mention above that I also search on how can I receive my Google Adsense payment. Research is good but you will encounter a problem when you found something informative and you think that information will help you but at the end it will just confuse you.

The confusing part that I really struggle with is the "Receiving Payments by Western Union QUICK CASH". Why? Because even Google Support says that you need to confirm if that Western Union branch offer a service called QUICK CASH. I also watch a tutorials in YouTube from a Filipino blogger on how to receive funds from Adsense, in that video he explained that he ask the teller if they offered a Western Union Quick Cash.

After reading the support articles from, researching and watching video on YouTube it ended up as a fake information. Because I ask every Western Union if they offer "Quick Cash" and search every branch location using there online agent locator. But after asking every Western Union agent, searching every branch if they have QUICK CASH I was disappointed. Because there is no single branch of Western Union that offer a "Quick Cash" service.

In every every question there is an answer for those who seek the answer. So I was hopeless and Determined, my determination to receive my earnings help me a lot. I ask every group on Facebook if someone know on how to receive Adsense earnings via Western Union. Luckily there is someone helped me, he also has a group that is dedicated to Filipino bloggers, and I joined on that group and ask the same question I'm asking on every group. I was so happy for their response because they said that YOU CAN RECEIVE YOUR ADSENSE EARNINGS IN ANY WESTERN UNION. 

My life was shine again after reading their comments, all the questions in my mind was finally answered. I promised in that group that if someone can help me to withdraw may $104.44 I will give a $5 as a thank you, but there are so many comments I can't give $5 to everyone who commented on my post. 

Western Union Requirements
Like every transaction that involves money there is always a requirements for security reason and validity of the transaction. Before you can receive your earnings, Western Union required you to provide these things:
  • A valid government-issued photo ID (Passport, Driver's license, National ID, etc.). In my case I bring my Postal ID, since it's the only Government ID that I have. 
  • Payment amount.
  • Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
  • Your payment was processed by: Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. 8 Marina View Asia Square 1 #30-01, Singapore 018960. 
NOTE: To view your payment receipt: visit your "Transactions" page and click the Automatic payment link. The address in "Payment was Processed by" may not be the same, please double check your Adsense Payment Receipt.

Steps on Receiving Your Money
Step 1: Ask the Western Union agent, that you want to receive a money from other country. 

Step 2: The agent will ask you, if you have a government ID, so give your government ID to them for validation. If they accept your ID they will give you a form, its two the same form but the first is carbonated.

Step 3:  You must fill up all the required information in that form. The first form has a carbon so when you fill up the first form you also fill up the second form automatically.
Western Union Receive Money Form

Step 4: After you fill up that form give it to the Western Union Agent, and the Agent will ask you if you want to receive your money in Dollar or Peso. In my case I said that I want to receive my money in Peso, and the conversion rate in that day was 49.60 Pesos. 

Note: You can also withdraw the money in Dollar but sometimes Western Union Branch doesn't have enough Dollars so they will pay you with your country currency. There is also a $0.16 Documentary Stamp Fee.

Final Words
The above story is my experienced I hope that you learned something. If you just read all the things that I wrote above I'm sure you can receive you Google Adsense earnings without any hassle.

The moment when the money is already in my hands, is the moment one of most satisfying and happiest moment of my life. Because I finally received the payment for my hard work. I'm hoping that you will also receive your money guys. Don't forget treat yourself because you achieved something great!
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