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recent Review - Get Paid to Share your Links Online Review - Get Paid to Share your Links Online is a publisher network where you can earn real money by sharing links online, You can share your link in blogs, websites and of course social media like Facebook, Twitter and etc. The first service offered by was like with but with unique features because you can encrypt your pastes in Binbox. You can share your pastes with password or decrypt key. Decrypt key is the unique characters and numbers that need to be enter before someone can view your paste. 

Example of Pastes Without Password: With Password: and this is the password "#gbKkZfTR"

After 3 years of success of paying and good feedback from the publisher. Binbox launched their new service it's the URL shortener same with and but instead of putting skip ads and waiting time they replaced it with Captcha to avoid auto click bot. Another beautiful thing with Binbox is they don't have pop-up advertisement, not like with the other URL shortener that have tons of auto pop-ups when you visit their 
shortened links. Example of Shortened/Shrink URL:

Today Binbox is the only Pastebin look a like website that really pay, they will only pay you when someone views your pastes. Creating many pastes will not result in revenues but the more people view your pastes the more money you will earn. 

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How Binbox Works?

Maybe you're wondering now where they get the money to pay its users? Well, the simple answer is from the Ads network like Adsense. The idea behind Binbox is to show advertisements and extend the time of viewing the ads by putting captcha before the visitors can open or see the paste. They used their earnings from ads network to pay the publisher, they are very brilliant, right? 

Dashboard Overview
Binbox dasboard Overview

Terms of Service

Binbox accepts text, links, image, and videos that obey the local laws. But the have condition if you want o be a part of their network you must not do the lists below. I don't really obey their Terms of Service. They are not very strict of implementing the following rules.
  • Don't Spam, malware, insufficient content, 
  • Vulgar, obscene, or pornographic content is not allowed.
  • Don't Leak Personal Information, LIKE: Account credentials such as usernames or passwords. Email addresses or lists thereof, Bank Information or Credit Cards
  • Don't Embed your paste on a web page using JavaScript or hidden iFrames.
  • Don't put Links or text directing users to copyrighted works that you do not own the copyright to.
  • Don't put Links or text directing users to other URL shortener or programs similar to Binbox
  • Don't force someone to visit your links/pastes.
  • Don't used their system for Threats or harassment.
  • Don't cheat o their system o increase your earnings.
  • Don't do any illegal things online or offline with their service.

Earning Rates (Per thousand unique visitors)

Earnings from Binbox depends on where your visitors came from. The most highly paid country is US, GB, CA, AU and NZ you can have more money if you have viewers from those countries. I will give you the op 5 lists of country and rates as of December 23, 2015. You can visit to view all the country/rates
  1. United States (US) $5.00
  2. United Kingdom (GB) $2.75
  3. Canada (CA)               $2.50
  4. Australia (AU)             $2.50
  5. New Zealand (NZ)      $2.25


Binbox offers referrals the most interesting with their referral is it is lifetime. Once someone signup under your referral you get 20% bonus earnings from every referral's earnings every month. If someone you refer earned $10 you will receive $2 as bonus earnings. also provide beautiful referral banner for you, see your banners here:
Get paid to share links online with Binbox.Binbox

Earnings Payment Details

As you can see at the banner above in Binbox you can set where you want to receive your money. The first option is PayPal and the second option is Bitcoin. It' very convenient to receive earnings from Binbox. Please set your Payment Settings before withdrawing your earnings.

The minimum payout is only $5 dollars so you can easily check if they really pay or not. You can also request payments if you've reached their minimum payout, you cannot cancel payment request. Wait for 24-48 hours before you can receive the payments

Is Legit or Not

I already try their service and I get paid. I already withdraw a total of $23.39 from their network. I can assure you that is a legit publisher network. They are trusted by thousand of the publisher and no one complained that they are a scam network. Look at the image below for the payment proof (Click to Enlarge)
Binbox Payment Proof - Total Paid

Earnings Posted by Binbox blog according to them this image was genrated from one of their member/publisher

Binbox Earnings

Binbox offers a reward like this (5% bonus for 30 minutes. 50 monthly points to unlock) you can get the reward by earnings points. For more information please visit also offer Bug Bounty, if you are a security researcher and you found some bugs in you can report it to them and I'm sure you will earn some dollars!

How to Signup to

In Binbox, there are NO requirements to have a blog or website before you can signup. I hope that my explanation is enough to convince you that Binbox is legit, you can signup right now in their website You can also follow my steps below on how you can create your own account.

Step 1: Go to BINBOX.IO and click the CREATE ACCOUNT
Binbox signup

Step 2: Fill all the required information and click JOIN. If there is no error/problem with your details you will be redirected to your Binbox dashboard. Don't forget to confirm your registration in your email inbox.

Final Words!

I hope that I answered all the questions in your mind regarding with this article. If you have further questions or taught please type it in the comment area below. If you found this article helpful kindly share it to others. A simple thank you is very appreciated guys so please write some positive comments. For more fresh updates and informative articles please keep on visiting this Blog. That's all guys thank you!!! Review - Get Paid to Share your Links Online Reviewed by WhoWantStuffs on 4:20 PM Rating: 5

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