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What Is Deep Web And How To Access It

What Is Deep Web And How To Access It

Maybe you already heard the word Deep Web on the Internet. Some of you're hackers wannabe friends already talking about what Deep Web is? based on their conclusion that they gathered from Google, Facebook, and twitter. Many people who don't really know about deep web thinks that if they visit the deep web, the FBI will arrest them and they will sleep in jail for the whole of their life. So Today I will remove all your misconception about What Deep Web Is. 

What Deep Web Really Is?
The surface web or Public Web has only 4% of WWW content (8 billion pages) and available via search engine like Google. While the deep web has approximately 96% of WWW content (7.9 Zettabytes). Some of the contents in the deep web are protected by passwords

Are you wondering why the 96% of WWW content are in the deep web? It's because search engine like Google cannot indexed the .onion websites. The data in deep Web is not held on any single page, but rather in databases, which makes it difficult for search engines to index. 

The Deep Web is made up of peer-to-peer connections like torrents, which allow users to share files directly and secretly. Some people called the Deep Web as Secret Web, Hidden WebDark Web or Dark Net. 

What Kind of Websites Are in  Deep Web?
The logic of these if the website Don't promote any illegal activities, they should build their sites in Surface Web to gain more visitors and to increase their revenue. 
So the answer to the question above is, all Kind of illegal activities are in deep Web such as:
  • Drugs/Marijuana/Cocaine
  • Weapons trading
  • Child pornography
  • Hit Men For Hire
Who Are Using The Deep Web
there are two kinds who use the deep web. First is the one who need to protect her/his identity. Second the one who has done illegal activities. Who else using the deep web?
  • Military
  • Police and crime units
  • Journalists
  • Whistleblowers ( Edward Snowden, Julian Assange )
Deep Web

Is the Law Enforcement Will Arrest Me if I Enter the Deep Web?
The answer is NO if you're just visiting the websites. But if you're doing an illegal transaction in the deep web while using your real identity, there is a chance that you will be arrested. So be careful, follow the law if you don't want to sleep in jail.

Am I Safe While Exploring the Deep Web?
Your physical location is safe, no one will know where you are. But Your real Identity is not safe in the deep web, so make sure that you are using the fake one. Important information that you should know, is you need to disable your JavaScript while viewing the websites. To prevent further intrusion into your system by the black-hat hackers. Note: Never download and install files from the deep web. Be aware of the keylogger and viruses!

What kind of payment method are in Deep web?
In buying or paying the services in deep web, you can use bitcoin. Since Bitcoin allows users to conduct business transactions anonymously. This has allowed some users of the currency to engage in illegal activity. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that makes use of the encrypted peer-to-peer system.

Did you know that there is an "eBay of Drugs" on the Deep Web and its called Silk Road. Silk Road is a place where you can Buy and Sell things, but mainly illegal drugs.

How Can I Access The Deep Web?
After all the information that I provided above, You should ready now to access the Deep Web. In accessing the Deep Web we need the Tor Browser, I already post an article on How To Surf The Web Anonymously Using Tor Browser. You should read it first for the instruction on how to install the TOR Browser and How it works.

Step 1: Open you TOR Browser.
Step 1: Open you TOR Browser.

Step 2: Open a .onion website (Huge Lists Of .Onion Deep Web Links)
Step 2: Open a .onion website

Look at this Deep Web Infographic by WhoISHostingThis? Everything You Need to Know on Tor & the Deep Web - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

Enjoy your journey on the Deep Web.! If you have further questions about What Is Deep Web And How To Access It. Kindly write it in the comment box below and surely I will reply!

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