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Stop Blogger From Redirecting to Country Specific URLs

Stop Blogger From Redirecting to Country Specific URLs

Maybe you're wondering why instead of veiwing your blog in a url format (top-level domain), you are redirected to your country specific url (country code top-level domain). For example if you're from India and you created a blog called But because of Google's Country Specific Redirection in Blogger you might be redirected to when you try to visit your website. Actually this is not a problem unless if you want and your visitors to view your blog in format.

So now you might think if there is any effects might happened to your Google Adsense by doing this tricks. My precious answer to you is, it will not cause any harm to your Google Adsense account as well as in your earnings. According to my experience Adsense will detect the country of your visitors even if that visitors is viewing your blog using a .com. So you don't have anything to worry about your Adsense, I repeat this will affects your adsense.

How Would Country Specific Redirection Affect Your Blog / Website
1. A Reduction in Social Statistics - Your social media statistics such as Facebook shares, likes, Google +1s and so on may vary depending on what country your visitors came from. Because your blog has a different domain name in every country and social media will not recognize that.

2. A Problem with External Commenting Platform - This is a big problem if you're using Disqus commenting platform on your blog. Because the blog URLs is not the same even if the page is just the same.

3. An Issue with an Ink Juice - This problem will arise and may affects your site SEO because you can't control how your visitors links to your blog. For example if someone wrote an articles and add a link directly to your blog, that someone may use a country specific top-level domain like ".in .fr .ph .my .sg .ru and etc" instead of top level domain which is ".com".

Stop Blogger from Redirecting to Country Specific Top-level Domain
If you're searching for solution on how you can stop Goggle on redirecting your blog, you probably must also say thank you to Google because they provide a solution on how you can do it. Just add an ncr/ to the end of your blogger URL, NCR stands for No Country Redirect. So our example blog above will now be

Google is genius to provide that solution, but what if you want to redirect you visitors without adding ncr/ manually? So the solution for your problem is to use a redirection script. The name itself will explain what the script do, it will redirect visitors from any part of this planet beautiful earth to ".com" automatically. So heres how you can do it:

Step 1. Go to your blogger dashboard, of course you must login first.

Step 2. Click on Template and Edit HTML.

Step 3. Search the <head> tag in the HTML editor window by clicking the code are and press Ctrl+F, once the search box appears type <head> and press enter

Step 4. Copy the redirection code below and paste it below the <head> tag.
<script type='text/javascript'>var blog = document.location.href.toLowerCase();if (!blog.match(/\.blogspot\.com/)) {blog = blog.replace(/\.blogspot\..*?\//, &quot;;);window.location.replace(blog);}</script>
Step 5. Don't forget to click the Save Template button.

That's it guys, if the redirection script is successfully implemented on your blog, the script will now automatically redirect your blog to top-level domain instead of country specific top-level domain. If you have any problem just write a comment below and I'll answer your question as soon as possible.
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