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recent Review - Share Link and Earn Money Review - Share Link and Earn Money Review - Share Link and Earn Money is a url shortening service. You can earn money by just sharing your shortened links in social media, blog or anywhere in the cyberspace I'm using shortest since 2014. They have more than 320 000 users in over 100 countries. Shortest offers the most highest payout rates among other url shortening service such as Shortest is now the best URL shortener network they beat the giants in this field. Their payout rates is going higher and higher and they are adding many monetization tools for webmasters. Jus continue to read this post to know more about them.

Monetization Tools

Shortest team keep on adding more cool tools that can help everyone to increase their earnings. In shortest you can now monetized your website by adding a website script. These are the: 
Links - Where you can turn all your website links into a shortened links. This script will surely boost your earnings if have thousands website traffic. You can set the script to Include or Exclude domain.
Entries - Entry Script will show an intermediate page with an ad everytime someone enter your website, blog, or forum.
Exits -  this tools will monetizes your bounce rate. An ad will be shown only to visitors who decide to leave your site within a few seconds. If they leave your site by using the browser back button you will earn money.
Pop Ads - This script allows you to increase your revenue by showing pop under advertisement. It will be opened in a new browser windows behind or under your browser. 1 Ad in every 24 hours.

There are more tools waiting for you to use like Social Share Widget in which you can earn money when someone share your article to social media. If you have a blog with many comments, you can turn that comments into money! I'm sure you're very excited now Lol! 

What is the Advantages of
  • You can share the shortened links in Social Media
  • Easy to Integrate Script (they have tutotials)
  • 20% Lifetime refferal program
  • Wide Range of Monetization
  • Elegant referral banner
  • Only Premium Ads
  • On time Payment
There are 3 options to recieve your earning from shortest and this is via  PaypalWebMoney, and Payoneer. The minimum payout for PayPal and WebMoney is only $5 while $20 for Payoneer.  They pay automatically once you reached the minimum payout every 10th of the month. If you don't reached the $5/$20 threshold your earnings will be added in the next month. If the 10th of the month is Sunday or Holiday they will send it next day.

How to Sign Up In Shortest
In shortest you have two different options when creating an account. The first is by registering using your Email Address and the second is by using your Facebook account
1. Goto and click on Join
2. Enter your Email and Password
3. Check the "I have read and accept Terms of use and Privacy Policy"
4. Complete the reCaptcha and finally hit the REGISTER button
OR Just click the blue CONNECT button.
How to signup in

Referral Program
In every online monetization techniques referral is one of the most profitable way. With referral system you can earn commissions and offers 20% commission of what every person you referred has earned. If you found this article helpful please register under my referral. this is my referral: is Legit or Not?
Before, I also believed that is one of the scam service that will only waste my time. But in many years using their service they proved that they are not. So I can guarantee to you that they will surely paid your earnings. My earnings in shortest is almost $100, I remembered before that they paid me $5-$20 every month and I never reached again that payout because my warez YouTube channel is terminated. 

It's a very long story just forget it. As you can see in the image below they always pay me on time except if the 10th of the month is Sunday. You will received your earnings without any deduction like transfer fees and tax fees. The screenshot below is not edited this is my real account and payment/transaction history. I'm hoping that you will also use shortest to earn extra $$$ online.
Shortest payment history
Shortest summary of my earnings

Tips Tricks on How To Earn Money in
  1. Using your facebook: Share anything you want to your timeline of to your friends. You can share the link of Image, Videos, Articles and etc you want. You can also spam the facebook page, by commenting the shortened links :D
  2. Using your Youtube: You can make a tutorials on how to crack a software and put a shortened download link of the crack in the video description. You can also make a viral video and put a shortened link that says "click here for more". Just trick your viewers.
  3. Using your Blog: Like mine I have a wares blog that provides crack for softwares. You need to shortened the download link of crack and setup to earn money. Just easy as that!!! ^__^

Final Words!
 If you are creative and you have a courage to earn money online you can also earned the amount that I earned from Don't be lazy share the link everywhere.! If you have questions don't hesitate to ask me in the comment area. That's all thanks! Review - Share Link and Earn Money Reviewed by WhoWantStuffs on 3:42 PM Rating: 5


  1. Are you trying to make money from your traffic by running popunder ads?
    In case you do, did you take a look at exoClick?

    1. exoclick minimum payout is $100 I don't recommend it if you have 2000 page views a day it takes year for you to payout.


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