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8Share Review - Earn Real Cash Online By Sharing Special Offers

8Share Review - Earn Real Cash Online By Sharing Special Offers

8Share Review Earn Real Cash Online By Sharing Special Offers

What Is 8Share? is a private rewards club of Malaysian and now it's available in our beloved country Philippines. 8Share is for social media users who like to introduce something new. getting free stuff, earning extra cash every month. You don't need to pay or invest before you can join in 8share this reward program is completely free.

Many of my friends and classmates introduce this website to me and they are asking to register under their referral. That time I taught that is another scam network that will waste my precious time online, until they send me the proof of their earnings and the money that they received in their bank account. You can see my payment proof in below.

How to Earn Money from 8Share? 
If you joined 8share you will be Rewarded (paid) in cash for sharing Specials and by referring others to join in 8share. You can earn from 1 to 4 Php (per unique click or per Unique Views (U.V.)  on every specials you shared on any social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and even Blogspot. 

The most important thing you should know in order to earn money i to make sure that the one who click your special/link is from Philippines. Means that there IP address belong to PH, this will also apply to other 8Share country. 
  • 8hare Malaysia, Malaysian IP only and, 
  • 8hare Indonesia Indonesian IP only or else you will not earn money.
 If you are an active member of 8Share you can Earn Bonus Point (BPs). every time you shared special you will earn 1 BP so the more you share the more you earn. The price of other specials are only Bonus Points  not Cash (Php), you can use your BP to redeem rewards. Right now there are only two kinds of reward they offer and that is Load for Smart, Talk n Text, Sun, Globe, TM and 8hare Shirt.
  • 1000 BP (Bonus Points) = 8Share shirt
  • 2000 BP (Bonus Points) = 200 Load (any network)
  • 2500 BP (Bonus Points) = 250 Load (any network)
  • 3000 BP (Bonus Points) = 300 Load (any network)
8Share has a special tracking algorithm to make sure the views it is a Unique Views (U.V.). So what is Unique Views or U.V.? Unique Views are counted when 1 IP address clicked 1 specials. In simple words 1 person , 1 Unique Visit, and 1 special if that person visit/click again your special it will not be counted anymore. When 1 person click multiple specials from you, only 1 Unique Visit will be counted in  24 hours. They do these to avoid spamming. Every 1 special has a 50 maximum Unique Visits. after that you will not earn cash or Bonus Points.

8Share Referral Program
There are also another way to double your earnings in 8Share and that is by referring your friends. You can earn 10 Php. once someone who signup under your referral earned 20 Php. Their referral system is very unique the one who registered under your referral will also earn 10 Php so its a win win referral pragram.
8Share referral Program

How to Join in
Any one can join 8Share if you loves sharing links in social media. If you're not lazy and you have the courage to earn extra money online you can join in 8Share and I'm sure you will love this reward program.  8Share only available in these following countries: Philippines,  Malaysia, and Indonesia. If you are not belong to those country you are not allowed to join on their  reward program. 
1. Signup here:
2. Enter your Username, Email Address, password and hit the Create My Account button.
3. Set your Birthday, Gender, Region and country. After that click the Update My Account button.
How to join in 8share

8Share Payment Method
The first payment option that 8Share allow is Local Bank Account, you need to input the deatils required about your bank account to received the payments. Their minimum payout is Php 500 once you reached the minimum you can request to withdraw your earnings. Once they successfully transfer your earnings to your bank account they will email you about the transaction is completed.

The second payment option is through PayPal, you can withdraw your earning to your PayPal account if you don't have a bank account. You can only withdraw if you reach the minimum payout which is only Php 500. Please make sure that your PayPal account is verified or you can contact 8hare team and ask them that you want to withdraw your money to UNVERIFIED PayPal account, and wait for their reply.

Setup Your Cash out Information
In 8share you must setup first your payment details before you can withdraw your earnings, You have two payment withdrawal options.
A. Setup Payment for Bank - Please be reminded that 8share will only send payment if your bank is BDO (Banco De Oro). You can use other BDO account, just make sure that it is not already used to withdraw an 8Share earnings. If you want to withdraw your earning into your BDO bank account you should input all the correct details such as the following:
1. Bank Account Holder's full Name
2. Bank Name 
3. bank Account Number
4. Phone Number

B. Setup Payment for PayPal (Verified Only)You can also receive payments via PayPal by adding the following details:
1. Bank Account Holder's full Name - In that field you will input your PayPal full name including your Middle name NOT middle initial.
2. Phone Number - Please use your real number. I used my cellphone number in 8Share, I don't know if it is important but just input your number.
3. PayPal Email Address - Make sure that your PayPal email address is correct, please double check it to avoid any tragedy to your earnings!

How to Request Cash Out
1. Go to your dashboard in the right side you can see Request Cash Out button if you have 500 pesos in your account and Cash Out Not Available Yet if you have less than 500 earnings.
2. Click the Request Cash Out button click on PayPal
3. Input the desired amount you want to withdraw, the maximum amount you can withdraw is 3,000 Pesos.
4. Click the Send Cash Out Request and click the Confirm Details button

NOTE: After requesting cash out you will wait for Two weeks in order your request to be verified and One Month before you can receive your earnings. Sometimes it will take up to two months like what happened to my second cash out. Their payment system is not automated, you are advice to please be patience. 

8Share Payment Proof
Once you received your payment, will notify you via email and you will see a congratulations message in the right side of your 8Share account. You can view below the payment proof and this will prove that is a legit reward system.
8Share Payment Proof Paypal

Final Words!
8Share is not a scam rewards system, you can join now and thanks me later lol!. I hope that this information will help your journey in making money online by using If you have questions about 8Share please write it in the comment area below. Please share this articles to your friends. That's all guys thank you! Happy Earning!
8Share Review - Earn Real Cash Online By Sharing Special Offers Reviewed by WhoWantStuffs on 5:53 PM Rating: 5

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