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PopSlide Review - Get Free Mobile Load

PopSlide Review - Get Free Mobile Load

PopSlide Review - Get Free Mobile Load

Do you want to get free mobile load by just installing your favorite application and games in your android phone? I know you want because people are always interesting in free.! So here comes the PopSlide, it is an application that can be downloaded of course from the playstore.

PopSlide offers amazing service imagine if you download the apps directly from the playstore you will get nothing! but if you download the apps or games by using PopSlide you can get points, and hat points that we need to redeem as a mobile Load.

How to Install PopSlide in Android
Step 1: Open your Play Store & Search for "PopSlide"
Step 2: Download and install the Apps
Step 3: Open PopSlide and you will see first a tutorial on how to use it.
Step 4: Now register your account, Enter your:
  • Connect to Facebook and earn 100 points
  • Enter Gender
  • Enter Birthday
  • Promo Code: s9fbvi If you use my promo code, I will earn 50 points if you reach 3,000 points and you will also get 50 points.
  • Enter you mobile number.

Ways To Earn Points in PopSlide
After the registration process you're now ready to earn points. The method bellow is you need to get free mobile load by using the features of PopSlide.
  • Download the offered Apps - If you don't like the offered "Games/Applicaion" just download it and open the Apps wait until PopSlide give you the reward points. After PopSlide give you the points you can now UNINSTALL the apps.
  • Open everyday your PopSlide - There is also a Daily Stamp in PopSlide, you can earn points by just opening your PopSlide every day. 1st day = 0 Points, 2nd day = 25 points, 3rd day = 0 points, 4th day = 100 Points, 5th day = 0 points, 6th day = 0 points, 7th day = 250 points.If you forget to open your PopSlide next day the Daily Stamp will back to day 1.
  • Play Daily Roulette - Play daily roulette and get a chance to win 10, 100, 250, and 500 points. Tips: play the same color of the roulette everyday. :)
  • View the advertisement in your lock screen - In your lockscreen there is an adverisement that has ussually a point of 10, 5, 3, 2, 1. Slide to left to earn point and read the ads. Slide to right to unlock your screen without points.
  • Share your referral to your friends - Share you referral and get 10 coins while the one who used your referral will get 5 coins. You can use that coins to play the SLOT machine. And you have a chance to win 50, 100500, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000 points
PopSlide Offers

NOTE: there are offers that are only exclusive for Samsung android users, they give up to 30,000 points. You are very lucky if you have a Samsung Android Phone. Just try PopSlide and you will never regret!

If you dont have any andoid phone you can use you laptop or PC, by using BlueStack. 

Redeemed You Points To Load Options
3,000 (Points) = 30 Load for Smart, Globe, SmartBro, & Sun.
5,000 (Points) = 50 Load for Smart, Globe, SmartBro, & Sun.

How to Redeem the Points in PopSlide? Enter your number -> Click Submit -> Click Redeem
Enter your number -> Click Submit -> Click Redeem

Is PopSlide Legit or Scam?
Obviously PopSlide is a legit get free load program. I will not waste my time for writing this article if PopSlide is a scam. I also redeemed my points into load. My first redeemed is 50 Load second 30 load. And now my PopSlide has 8,000 points. 

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Final Words!
Does PopSlide help you to get a free mobile load? Lets discuss what your thought about this review, write some comment below. Don't forget to use my Promo Code: s9fbvi and please Share this post to your friend and send your own promo code to them.!
PopSlide Review - Get Free Mobile Load Reviewed by WhoWantStuffs on 8:02 PM Rating: 5


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