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How To Change or Add Favicon On Blogger Blogspot

How To Change or Add Favicon On Blogger Blogspot

Favicon is a short term for "favorites icon" many blogger blogs and websites has their own custom favicon. It's a small picture located before the website or article name, usually it has a size of 16px x 16px. Having your own customized favicon with simple but beautiful graphical design is very important in every blog nowadays. Because your visitors will remember your blog name if they see your favicon or blog logo somewhere on the internet. The favicon in your blog can create a great impact specially if you have a big growing blog it's something like a trademark that you need to give an importance.

For many bloggers having their own favicon (the tiny image displays in your browser tab) is the final step that connects their blog design and identity. If the other bloggers already changed their favicon you can do it also. That's why I'm here is to guide you on how to change your favicon in your blogger blog. Don't worry it's very easy, except creating your own logo.

Requirements: These are the requirements, first you should have your own logo/favicon if you know how to use Photoshop it will be easy for you, second the size of your favicon must be 16px x 16px and the file size should not exceed 100KB (KiloBytes). If you don't have photoshop skills you can select favicons from these websites: |

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Steps On How You Can Add Favicon To Your Blogger Blog
Step 1: Login to your blogger account >> Go to LAYOUT and click the edit in the FAVICON 

Step 2: click the CHOOSE FILE button and find where you save your own favicon, select it after that click the SAVE button.

Step 3: Now you should see your custom favicon instead of the blogger favicon. Very easy right? Don't forget to click the SAVE ARRANGEMENT button in your blogger layout.

Important Reminder: Please be patience because it take some time before your new favicon will appear.

If you want o add an animated Favicon to your blogger blog follow the steps below
Step 1: Go to your Blogger TEMPLATE and click on EDIT HTML.

Step 2: Click inside the code are and hold the CTRL+F to show the search box, in the search box type <b:skin> 
Step 3: Copy and paste the code below just ABOVE the <b:skin>. Don't forget to SAVE your template in order to apply the changes.
<link href="favicon.gif-image-links-goes-here" rel="icon" type="image/gif"/> 
Note: Replace "favicon.gif-image-links-goes-here" with the URL address of your own favicon.
Google Chrome and Internet Explorer don't support animated favicon but you have a hope with firefox lol! Firefox support animated favicon so be contented. 

Final Words!
I hope this tutorial help you to change the default favicon in your blogger. If you have questions or problem don't hesitate to drop it in the comment area I will reply as soon as possible. A simple thank you is very appreciated that's all thank you!!!

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