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Gigantic Fish Monster Caught in the Amazon River

Amazon river is one of the most wonderful river here in our planet, many adventurer want to visit it to find incredible creatures. In this video a Man with the tour guide explore the amazon river using a simple to find the fish called Arapaima.

The Arapaimas can bee seen in the vast waters of the Amazon river. It can grow up to more than 15ft. It is claimed to be the largest freshwater fish in the word because of its capability to grow up to 4.5 meters. 

These people bravely caught the fish with the help of the fishing rod and their bare hands. Despite having some troubles at first, especially when it started raining. These people did not stop until they found what they were looking for. 

According to Wikipedia 
The arapaima, pirarucu, or paiche (genus Arapaima) is a genus of bonytongues native to the Amazon and Essequibo basins of South America. They are among the largest freshwater fish in the world, reaching lengths of as much as 4.5 m (15 ft). They are important food fish and have declined in the native range due to overfishing and habitat loss. In contrast, arapaima have been introduced to several tropical regions outside the native range (within South America and elsewhere) where they are sometimes considered invasive species. 

Arapaima has traditionally been regarded as a monotypic genus, but following recent studies it has been established that there are several species.As a consequence of this taxonomic confusion, most earlier studies have been done using the name A. gigas, but this species is only known from old museum specimens and the exact native range is unclear. The regularly seen and studied species is A. arapaima, although a very small number of A. leptosoma also have been recorded in the aquarium trade. The remaining species are virtually unknown: A. agassizii is only known from old detailed drawings (the type specimen itself was lost during World War II bombings) and A. mapae is only known from the type specimen. A. arapaima is relatively thickset compared to the remaining species.

Watch this video to see how beautiful the Amazon River Is. And you will be shock to see the giant Arapaima.

What can you say about this Gigantic Fish Monster in Amazon River? Share your thought with us. We hope that this fish don't eat human lol! :D Don't forget to comment and share this article!
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