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This Little Boy's Skin Condition Is Tragic, But He is Inspiring

Thousands of children are born each year with tragic medical disorders that they're forced to deal with throughout their entire lives — and many of these lives are tragically cut short by complications. And you can't measure the pain of their parents seeing their child in that kind of condition. 

I saw many people they ask God "WHY"? they complain why Lord? all of their questions are WHY? We don't know the will of God in our life, but one thing is sure the plan of God is greater than our plan, everything is written has a purpose. For God is perfect so his creations are also perfect. But because of sin we became imperfect.

This little brave boy was born with an incredibly very rare condition that makes his skin fall off at the slightest touch, resulting in painful blisters and bleeding. There's no cure for the rare disorder. His nights and days are spent constant physical pain. But what's truly inspirational is that he rises above perpetual agony to live his life to the fullest.

Many people today are complaining why I don't have iPhone, Why I don't have Love Life, Why I don't have Cars Why I have a dry skin?. Without thinking that someone around this planet dreaming to have a life like yours. We need to appreciate everything that God gave us the foods, clothes, shelter, and beauty. 

Give encouragement and hope to those who suffer from special conditions instead of bullying them. If you are a Christian can you please pray for this little handsome boy. I hope that you will realized now how blessed you are.
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